The Rev. Peter E. Bushnell, Rector

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December 19 – 20, 2015

Saturday, December 19
10 AM, Writers’ Group
Locke Hall occupied in afternoon with outside event
5 PM Contemporary Service
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell

Sunday, December 20
8 &10 AM Holy Eucharist Rite 2
Celebrant and Preacher: Fr. Peter Bushnell
Church Decorating Social

December 20, Cycle of Prayer:
Beverley Crompton, Brian Crouse, Paula Crowell

Wednesday, December 23
7 PM, Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve
5 PM and 11 PM

Friday, December 25
9 AM, Christmas Day Service

Saturday, December 26
5 PM, Contemporary service
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell

Sunday, December 27
8 and 10 AM Service
Celebrant and Preacher: Fr. Peter Bushnell
Loaves and Fishes Dinner-volunteer !!

Monday, December 28
Newsletter Deadline



Friday, December 18 at 7 pm

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year?
Do you know anyone who is avoiding the festivities, or unsuccessfully trying to ‘put on a happy face’? Could that be you? Our Blue Christmas’ service, offers an atmosphere of quiet acceptance, and a message of hope – that the Christ Child came to touch our darkness with light. There will be appropriate music, scripture and prayer, and an opportunity to receive laying
on of hands for healing.
Please come, and invite others.
Light refreshments will be served after
the service.

Church Decorating Social

Come one come all to the Greening (decorating) of the Church! Following the 10:00 service on December 20th , we will “Haul out the Holly, Poinsettias, and the Creche”, to make our church the most beautiful ever for Christmas Eve and the Christmas season.
Adults and supervised children of all ages are welcome to join in the festivities, with the Holy Trinity Altar Guild leading the way.
To add to the fun, everyone is invited to wear their very best “Ugly Sweater (or Sweatshirt) for the occasion. We encourage you not to go out and buy a sweater – just dress up one you already have with stickers, yarn, felt or jewelry, and donate the money you might have spent to the Enfield Food Shelf or the Suffield Emergency Aid Association.
When the decorating is well underway, there will be delectable pies served and prizes awarded for the best ugly sweaters!


Prayer Lists

Please pray for those on our Healing, Supportive and Honoring Prayer list

The healing list is for a period of two months, supportive for 6 months and the honoring is indefinite. If your person is in need of continued prayer, they will be moved to the supportive(six months) or the honoring(indefinite) Contact the parish office for more info.

Healing Prayer List

Ed Goetz, Ken Gilbert, Rebecca, Linda, Jake, Cheryl, Donna, John Gell, Bill Carlander, Judy Brewster, Sally Cooley, Bill Christensen, Ashley Watson, Anita and Joseph Seminara, William Cummings, Ann Cummings, Richard and Eleanor Chamberlain, Bill Cartier, Lou Ann Adams, Michelle Grady, Joan Perrone, Jan Schutter, Vinnie Metta, Jeanne Smith, Carol Haesaert, Maggie O’Neil, Sue Hunt, Sandra Mandia, Marie Colton, Greg Gaudet.

Supportive Prayer List

Mabel and Ralph Carrozzo, Tyler, Bob Luipold, Bette Drake, Beverly Christensen, Wade Wilby, Sharon Berkley, Shirley Amell, Susan Hayden. Jackie Ouellette, Tammy Gaudet, Dorothy Pearse, Gay Veit. Shanon Crabtree, Mary and Dick Kaupin.

Honoring Prayer List

Hartland Gifford, William Grout, Ann Duren, Bob Parks, Robert Aaron, Charles, Scott Owen, Eileen Biklen, Georgette Schober, Beverly Nuccio, Betty Broderick, Mary Chiles, Paul Sarges Jr., Ronda Potter, Steven Portuese, Eileen Meyer, Ed, Susie Nelson, Anna Gilbert. Marie Sarges, Helen Larson, Margaret Bennett.

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