The Rev. Peter E. Bushnell, Rector

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June 17 – 18, 2017

 Saturday June 17
8 am-noon, Lawn Clean up
10 am, Writers’ Group
5 pm Contemporary Service

Sunday, June 18 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

8 am and 10 am services with Holy Eucharist
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell

June 18,  Cycle of Prayer: 
Judy Allard, Shirley Amell, George and Suellen Ball

Monday, June 19

6 pm, Potluck and Bible Study

Saturday, June 24

5 pm, Contemporary Service
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell

Sunday, June 25

8 am and 10 am Holy Eucharist Rite Two
Celebrant:  Fr. Peter Bushnell

Newsletter articles due to the office for the July/August edition


Lawn Clean up
Saturday June 17

starting at 8 am
stay for an hour or for the morning
Donuts and coffee provided


Listening for God’s Voice;
(Once a month Bible study)

Murder by Proxy

You are invited to join us for a
potluck supper and a discussion of*

*Usually, the Bible Study Leader will
give you the Bible book, chapter and verse. But instead, he would like to see if
you can figure out which Bible Story he’ll be presenting that night!

Monday, June 19, 2017
from 6pm to 8pm.

Potluck Supper in Locke Hall starts
promptly at 6:00pm.

Presentation and discussion will
start at 6:45pm.

Everyone is invited to attend
Prior Bible experience is not

For more details, please contact Peter Jacobson.

CT River Pilgrimage 2017
40-day Connecticut River spiritual journey to make its way to Long Island Sound

The Episcopal Churches of New England, the New England Synod of the ELCA, and Kairos Earth, in partnership with local, statewide, and regional organizations along the Connecticut River, have organized the first-ever pilgrimage along the length of the river. A core group of “river pilgrims” will journey the full length of the river, being joined by “daily pilgrims” as they traverse individual stretches/communities, and by “pilgrims in prayer” for those who aren’t able to paddle along or join in
events but want to participate in the 40-day spiritual practices that correspond with the Pilgrimage dates.

This journey, like any true pilgrimage, is intended to be a doorway to interior transformation and lasting change.

The pilgrimage begins on May 31, 2017 and ends July 9. It is for anyone who would like to engage in a sacred relationship with the natural world, especially with water and the Connecticut River. This journey, like any true pilgrimage, is intended to be a doorway to interior transformation and lasting change. The daily prayer and spiritual exercises of the pilgrimage, as well as the land-based gatherings, will be held in the context of the Christian tradition. People of all backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs are welcome to join.

Holy Trinity is
hosting the evening meal on July 3rd with a campfire and short worship service. Participants will be sleeping in Locke Hall for the evening and showering in the Rectory. We will supply breakfast in the morning, Volunteers are needed. Please speak to Fr. Peter.


Holy Trinity’s Wild Kingdom:

The Summer Safari Picnic

Bring your favorite stuffed animal.

Dress as your favorite explorer or animal.

Or, come as you are!

July 15, 2017

Contemporary Worship Service

inside the church, picnic outside.

Picnic will start
immediately after the worship service. Please bring potluck
salads and/or desserts to share. The church will provide protein
and beverages.

Holy Trinity
Episcopal Church

383 Hazard Avenue,



It is time to review the prayer lists. Would you kindly review names you have submitted and let the office know of any updates and corrections.
Thank you.

Prayer Lists

Please pray for those on our Healing, Supportive and Honoring Prayer  list

The healing list is for a period of two months, supportive for 6 months  and the honoring is indefinite. If your person is in need of continued prayer, they will be moved to the supportive(six months) or the honoring(indefinite) Contact the parish office for more info.

Healing Prayer List

Idys Lynch, Len, Matt Sweeney, Allan Gossett, Deborah Soricelli, Eve, Wanda Sanger, Louis Wheat, Andrew Turner, Debbie Murray, Grady Family, Baby David, Janet Gawle, Rosalie Keegan, Linda Harris, Andrew Kearney, Maya and Christopher Maggiore, Barbara Lehman, Scott Ouellette, Jean Pike, Sally Ann Cooley, Lisa Herrick, Stacy Dolan, Donna, Stacy, Maureen Longo, Bill Christensen, Joslyn Morby, Peter and Shirley O’Keefe, Michael Boucher,  Bill
Killeen,  Sue and John Deveraux, Maeghan Chapman, Brenda Roy, Bonnie Buttafuso, James Kelly, Thomas Murray, Blaine Simpkins, Walt Mawhinney, Sean Wilby, MJ Dawson, Bill Curry,  Bill Carlander, Bill Curry, Ashley Watson, Lou Ann Adams, Jeanne Smith,  Maggie O’Neil, Sue Hunt,  Greg Gaudet

Supportive Prayer List

Mabel and Ralph Carrozzo, Diane Gowdy, Brendan and Lyndsay Twitchel, Morgan Wilby, Tyler, Bob Luipold, Bette Drake, Beverly Christensen, Wade Wilby, Shirley Amell, Susan Hayden. Jackie Ouellette, Dorothy Pearse,  Gay Veit, Shanon Crabtree, Mary and Dick Kaupin.

Honoring Prayer List

Hartland Gifford, Ann Duren, Bob Parks, Robert Aaron, Charles, Scott Owen, Eileen Biklen, Georgette Schober, Beverly Nuccio, Betty Broderick, Paul Sarges Jr., Ronda Potter, Steven Portuese, Susie Nelson, Anna Gilbert, Helen Larson, Margaret Bennett.

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