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The Rector is a member ex-officio of all parish groups and committees

All Chairpersons are asked to distribute minutes from committee meetings to all members of the Vestry each month by email.


  • Communication

    Goal: to be the source of information communication and keep everyone informed as to what we're doing, when, by whom, and why.


  • Education

    Goal: Organize Christian Ed programs for children and adults.  Keep people of all ages involved in ongoing and stimulating, age appropriate offerings.


  • Evangelism

    Goal: Engages questions of worship services.  To which non-churched family, friends and acquaintances can be invited vs. services for those who are already members.  Considers regular possibilities for "bridge events" to which the community can be invited, leading to a second invitation to come for worship.  Foster awareness of issues of new peoples' first impressions of the church, welcoming, orientation, and inclusion, as people progress from being visitors to becoming members.


  • Facilities

    Goal: Short term; bring facility up to standard for welcoming, good first impression, maximum utility, contemporary worship, and pleasing aesthetics.   Long range; plan for transition to new facility as envisioned in merger plan.


  • Finance

    Goal: Put together annual budget for the church.  Recommend spending priorities, possible cost savings, investment strategy for endowment, and overall well-being and financial stability of the parish.


  • Mministry (WeCare)

    Goal:Coordinate ministries of fellowship, hospitality, pastoral care, outreach, and greeters; inviting people deeper into parish community of faith.  Nurture development of small groups.


  • Stewardship

    Goals:  operates 12 months a year to learn new ways to express faith financially, motivate all members to participate in financial well-being our church, Educate current new members about the concept of tithing.  Committee will learn how to run stewardship campaigns, monitor effectiveness of parish campaigns, and research emerging methodologies.


  • Worship

    Goal: to plan and evaluate regular and special services.  Develop services of worship whichdraw on the best of contemporary and traditional Forms of Anglican worship.  Music.


  • Vestry